Detroit district brings back 90 laid-off teachers

Oct. 31, 2011
Added personnel will ease classroom crowding

From The Detroit News: A Detroit public school has been issued a ticket by the city's Fire Marshal's Office for overcrowding. Fire department officials say a parent had complained that too many children were in her son's kindergarten class at Nolan Elementary School. The parent said the kindergarten class had 56 students. The Detroit News reported that excessive class sizes still were a problem at some schools six weeks into the school year.

UPDATE: From The Detroit News: Nearly 90 laid-off Detroit Public Schools teachers are being called back to work to ease crowding in some of the district's classrooms, district officials say. Principals at 34 schools requested more teachers. Some teachers and parents have complained of classes with more students than allowed under the teachers' union contract.


From The Detroit News: The teachers union in Detroit says that many students in the city school district are in classes with too many children — in violation of the union's contract — because of fluctuating enrollment and delayed teacher assignments. The district says it is reorganizing classrooms and teacher placement to bring sizes closer to contractual limits: 25 students for K through third grade; 30 for grades four and five, and 35 for grades 6-12. District officials could not say how many classes exceeded the contractual limits on size last week.

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