Radio service on school buses draws complaints

Dec. 11, 2008
Some say schools shouldn't allow broadcasting of ads to students

UPDATE: Montgomery County (Md.) school officials have decided to end a trial run of BusRadio, a private broadcast service that provides programmed music and ads to students on their school buses. Wireless BusRadio units had been installed in 50 buses that carry 6,000 students in the Rockville area. To read The Washington Post article, click here.

EARLIER: For thousands of students in the Rockville, Md., area, the daily ride to school is accompanied by a carefully programmed soundtrack: pop hits pruned of profane lyrics, public service announcements about seat belts and a few minutes of advertisements aimed at the school bus demographic. Montgomery County parents and national children's advocacy groups are questioning the school system's experiment with BusRadio, a private network that broadcasts sanitized music and ads to a captive audience of student passengers.

To read The Washington Post article, click here.

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