Some laid-off teachers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg district will get their jobs back

Aug. 12, 2009
District restores 286 positions that had been eliminated

From The Charlotte Observer: The Charlotte-Mecklenburg (N.C.) school district will fill 286 teacher positions that had been eliminated earlier this year because of budget cuts. The news means that some of the 665 district teachers laid off in recent months may have a chance to rejoin the school district.

JUNE 2009...from The Charlotte Observer: Charlotte-Mecklenburg County (N.C.) Schools Superintendent Peter Gorman is planning $33 million more in budget cuts, which could include hundreds more layoffs. His comments came after he and other superintendents met with state Senate leaders. The district already has cut $87 million from the 2009-10 budget, including about 1,300 jobs that will be eliminated when this school year ends. The Charlotte school system has more than 19,000 employees and a budget of a little more than $1 billion.

MAY 2009...from The Charlotte Observer: The Charlotte-Mecklenburg County (N.C.) district is eliminating 58 campus security guard jobs. The 177 existing guards must reapply for the remaining 119 jobs next school year. Superintendent Peter Gorman has said he plans to eliminate about 1,300 jobs for 2009-10. If the state, county or federal budget picture improves, he hopes to bring some of them back. The guards are assigned to middle and high schools and are involved with everything from school discipline to directing traffic and providing security at sports events.

Also...from The Charlotte Observer: The Charlotte-Mecklenburg (N.C.) School District will soon start sending out layoff notices to hundreds of teachers. The decision comes after the county manager said that he's recommending nearly $34 million in cuts from next year's district budget. County Manager Harry Jones also will propose a roughly $2.4 million cut to Central Piedmont Community College.The school district and college – which account for about half the county's annual spending – have been bracing for cuts for months. The school district already was planning to cut 534 jobs, but had hoped to spare classroom teachers. Now, about 1,300 school employees – including more than 400 teachers – could lose their jobs.

From MARCH 2009: The Charlotte-Mecklenburg (N.C.) school board has approved a plan that could lead to laying off 456 teachers and 83 assistant principals. Superintendent Peter Gorman stressed that the plan was only that – a plan, one made necessary by budget shortfalls that officials say could be as large as $87 million. Money from the federal stimulus legislation might help, he said, but planning for class schedules and renewing teacher contracts requires action by this spring. (Charlotte Observer)

EARLIER: After weeks of speculation about layoffs, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg (N.C.) school district has cut 13 workers from its human resources department.The cuts will save Charlotte nearly $500,000. The cuts come as the school district struggles with an increasingly bleak budget outlook. Officials have said shortfalls in next year's budget could call for cutting more than 1,200 jobs, including teachers, teacher assistants, school security workers and assistant principals. (Charlotte Observer)

FROM FEBRUARY 2009: The Charlotte-Mecklenburg (N.C.) school district is looking at cutting more than 1,200 jobs--500 more than the superintendent outlined two weeks ago--and some board members say across-the-board pay cuts may be needed as well. Superintendent Peter Gorman says the worst-case scenario would leave the district $85 million to $100 million short of what it needs to keep services steady while opening six schools in August. (Charlotte Observer)

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