Idaho district passes $9.8 million bond for elementary school

Aug. 19, 2010
Wendell district administrators say aging facility must be replaced

From The Twin Falls Times-News: The Wendell (Idaho) district has won approval a $9.8 million general obligation bond to pay for a new elementary school. Of 629 voters, 72 percent supported the bond — 454 for it, 175 against. District officials had argued a new school is needed to relieve crowding and replace an aging structure.

JULY 2010...from The Twin Falls Times-News: The Wendell (Idaho) School District is asking its patrons to support a $9.8 million bond to build a new elementary school. School district officials point to a combination of growing enrollment and the existing elementary school’s condition to illustrate the need for the bond, which goes to voters on Aug. 17. The 50-year-old school building had 275 students in 1960; now it has 470 students; 155 of them are in modular classrooms.

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