University of Illinois Chancellor resigns

Oct. 20, 2009
Richard Herman's decision comes in the wake of an admissions scandal

From The Chicago Tribune: University of Illinois Chancellor Richard Herman has resigned in the latest fallout from an admissions scandal that has rattled the Urbana-Champaign campus and upended its leadership.

SEPTEMBER 2009...from The Chicago Tribune: Succumbing to pressure caused by an all-consuming admissions scandal, University of Illinois President B. Joseph White says he will step down at the end of the year, forgoing a $475,000 retention bonus due in February and allowing a new board of trustees to choose a leader.

Earlier...from The Chicago Tribune: Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn says he expects to receive the resignation of University of Illinois President B. Joseph White today. Last week, U. of I. faculty and student leaders urged that White and Chancellor Richard Herman be replaced in the wake of a far-reaching admissions scandal. The Tribune revealed in May that the university had a shadow admissions system for well-connected students that allowed applicants sponsored by trustees, lawmakers and others to be admitted over more qualified students.

JULY 2009....from The Chicago Tribune: A few patrons of the athletic programs at the University of Illinois try to use the department's prestige to give applicants they know an edge in the competitive admissions process, according to newly released campus records. An ongoing Tribune investigation reveals an admissions system subject to outside influences. The latest internal documents reviewed by the newspaper suggest the athletic department requested special consideration for non-athletes who applied to the state's most prestigious public university.
SIDEBAR: A Feb. 13, 2007, e-mail shows 11 candidates from the University of Illinois "clout list" were admitted to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, even though the university ranked their applications lower than 149 of their high school classmates.

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