Atlanta district wants to oust all those implicated in test cheating scandal

July 19, 2011
Letter to 178 employees urges them to quit or face dismissal

From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Interim Atlanta School Superintendent Erroll Davis has notified all 178 employees implicated in a district cheating scandal that they will be fired if they do not resign. The letter that Davis sent to those allegedly involved in the cheating comes after several high-level changes in district personnel.

Earlier...from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Interim Atlanta School Superintendent Erroll Davis has replaced four area superintendents in the continuing fallout from a cheating scandal. The four removed from area superintendent jobs -- Sharon Davis-Williams, Michael Pitts, Robin Hall and Tamara Cotman -- were implicated in the scandal. It is unclear whether they will remain with the district. The staff moves were in response to a test-cheating scandal that has implicated 178 employees in 44 schools

from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Former Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Beverly Hall " most definitely did not know of any widespread cheating" on standardized tests in 2009 or any other year, her lawyer says. There is no direct evidence to show she knew widespread cheating on the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests had occurred. The statement comes a day after special investigators released a report with a scathing assessment of Hall's tenure. It found that 178 educators, including 38 principals, had participated in cheating. The report also concluded that Hall knew or should have known that cheating was occurring and that Hall and her top aides ignored, buried, destroyed or altered complaints about misconduct and claimed ignorance of wrongdoing. Earlier: Cheating investigation in Atlanta school district finds widespread unethical behavior.

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