Illinois teacher who promoted veganism is fired

Sept. 25, 2007
Middle school art teacher refused to return to class because school lunches included meat.

Dave Warwak, an art teacher at Fox River Grove (Ill.) Middle School, said he wouldn't return to the classroom until the school served only lunches free of animal products. But meat still is on the menu, and the school board has fired Warwak. In a prepared statement, the board said that Warwak told pupils not to tell their parents, teachers or the school's principal what he was teaching and that he repeatedly refused to answer questions from school officials on that subject. The statement also said Warwak converted his art classes into classes on veganism and animal rights.
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EARLIER: A teacher at Fox River Grove (Ill.) Middle School says he has been removed from his classes after advocating the benefits of a vegan diet. Dave Warwak says he is scheduled to meet with Fox River Grove District 3 officials next week about the discussions he's had in class about vegetarianism and veganism. He says officials asked him to leave the school Tuesday because he refused to stop talking about the harms humans cause animals. School administrators declined to comment on the matter.
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