North Carolina district plans environmentally friendly middle school

Nov. 20, 2009
Newton-Conover project will cost $21 million

From The Hickory Record: The Newton-Conover City (N.C.) district is planning to build a middle school in Conover. The $21 million facility will be designed to hold 800 students, as well as the potential to construct a six-classroom addition in the future.The first level will have classrooms, a teachers' lounge, a cafeteria with lots of windows and a gym. The second level will have a media center, administration area, guidance area, classrooms, auditorium and art and choral classrooms. The third level will have computer labs, a dance and drama room, classrooms, a teachers' lounge and career and tech classrooms. District officials hope the facility's green design elements will earn it a LEED platinum certification. The architect is Little Diversified Architects.

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