New Jersey governor vetoes change order for high school in Burlington

Jan. 28, 2010
Gov. Christie seeks to rein in construction cost overruns
From The Burlington County Times: The New Jersey Schools Development Authority's multimillion-dollar expansion of Burlington City High School is being scrutinized by Gov. Chris Christie. Christie vetoed the development authority's approval of a $1.267 million change order for the high school addition. School officials say the change order was for site work needed to build a baseball field on land that was once a landfill. The governor says Burlington City's change order was flagged because it was the most recent of $18.825 million in additional work approved by the development authority (SDA) since the original contract for the project was written in 2004. The original contract of $28.7 million, but has ballooned 66 percent to $47.54 million.

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