DeKalb County (Ga.) district has spent $37 million on legal dispute with construction firm

May 7, 2012
School system has amassed legal fees in lawsuits involving Heery/Mitchell

From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: The cost to taxpayers of a 5-year-old legal dispute between theDeKalb County (Ga.) School District and a construction management company has risen to $37 million, according to court records. The district fired Heery/Mitchell in February 2007, complaining that the company had problems with costs and delays. Heery/Mitchell sued for $1.5 million in unpaid invoices and damages. DeKalb countersued, contending that the company mismanaged more than $100 million and defrauded the district. The district has paid lawyers $18 million for its work on the case, and owes another $19 million.

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