Judge won't block school construction in Towson, Md.

June 3, 2009
Opponents had sued to stop the building of West Towson Elementary

A Baltimore County, Md., judge has denied a request to halt the construction of a new elementary school in Towson. The Towson residents who made the request, failed to prove they would suffer irreparable harm and inconvenience from the construction of West Towson Elementary, Judge Michael J. Finifter has ruled. The residents that filed the lawsuit contend that the school district failed to comply with laws and policies in deciding to build West Towson.

From APRIL 2009...The Baltimore Sun: Four Towson, Md., families have sued to stop the Baltimore County School Board from building an elementary school. The families contend that the school system failed to comply with laws and policies in choosing the site for the school. The families' properties border the proposed site for West Towson Elementary. They argue that adding another building next to Ridge Ruxton School raises safety and environmental concerns. The project, and its proximity to their homes, will diminish their property values, the suit says.

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