No 4-day school weeks, Illinois Senate says

April 21, 2010
State house had approved legislation that would have allowed shorter weeks
From The Chicago Tribune: An Illinois Senate panel has killed a measure that would have given local school boards the option of setting four-day school weeks. The House approved the measure last month to try to help financially strapped school districts save money. Lawmakers said the move could save on fuel for buses and reduce electric bills for school buildings. Major education groups, including the Illinois Federation of Teachers and the Chicago Teachers Union, opposed the measure. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley also turned thumbs down. MARCH 2010...from The Chicago Tribune: In an effort to help strapped school districts save money, the Illinois House has approved a bill that would let local school districts set four-day weeks for students. Students still would be required to go to school the same number of hours every year. That could mean longer school days or shorter summer vacations. Lawmakers say the move could save school districts money on fuel for buses and utility costs for buildings.

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