Third-graders at Georgia school allegedly plotted to attack teacher

April 3, 2008
Prosecutors plan to charge 3; experts say it's unlikely the children would have gone through with the attack

As authorities try to prosecute three young children in Waycross, Ga., accused of plotting to attack their third-grade teacher, criminal and child psychiatry experts say it's doubtful that students that young intended to seriously hurt anyone and probably wouldn't have executed their plans. Waycross police say the third-graders at Center Elementary School brought a broken steak knife, steel handcuffs, duct tape and a crystal paperweight to school after hatching an elaborate plan to knock their teacher unconscious, then restrain and stab her. Nine children were involved overall, police say; some of them were assigned specific roles such as covering classroom windows and cleaning up any mess. The children apparently were angry after the teacher disciplined one of the students for standing on a chair. The district attorney is seeking juvenile charges of conspiracy to commit aggravated assault against three of the children.

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