Appeals court upholds New Jersey's cap on superintendents' pay

Oct. 29, 2012
State contended that some districts were paying too much to superintendents

From The Newark Star-Ledger: A New Jersey appeals court panel has ruled that Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf has the authority to impose salary caps on public school superintendents in the state. State education officials limited superintendents' pay because they believed the pay and benefits of many top administrators was not commensurate with their jobs. The three-judge panel ruled that Cerf’s plan to base a superintendent's salaries on the number of students in a district reflects the legislature’s goal to tie pay to per-pupil cost.


SEPTEMBER 2011 from The Asbury Park Press: New Jersey school districts are seeing record turnover among superintendents. The state School Boards Association says nearly 29 percent of the state's districts changed superintendents during the past school year. That’s the highest number in the 10 years the organization has monitored school chiefs’ employment; the previous year the turnover rate was 18 percent. Turnover among superintendents has accelerated in part because Gov. Chris Christie imposed caps on school chiefs’ salaries.

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