Loch Arbour, N.J., sues over new school funding formula

June 4, 2009
Village sends its students to Ocean Township schools, but new formula makes it too costly

From The Newark Ledger: Loch Arbour, N.J., has sued Ocean Township in an attempt to block a new school funding formula that would escalate education costs for the tiny village by more than $1.3 million. The complaint seeks to bar Ocean Township -- where Loch Arbour sends its students -- from taking any steps to collect the new school charges and to allow Loch Arbour to continue paying its previous rate until the dispute is resolved. A new school funding formula, based on assessed property values rather than on a complex list of criteria, means Loch Arbour's cost to educate its 24 students will balloon to $1.6 million -- or about $68,000 per pupil -- for the start of the next school year in September.

MAY 2009...from The Newark Star-Ledger: The tiny village of Loch Arbour, N.J., has so few students that it pays to send its pupils to schools in neighboring Ocean Township, a community from which it seceded 52 years ago. The decades-old arrangement was affordable for this Monmouth County village, which spent anywhere from $14,000 to $16,000 per pupil on education over the past decade. But under the state's new school funding formula, the average cost per student is increasing to $68,750, a price tag local officials say is impossible for homeowners to shoulder and will surely drive prospective home-buyers away.

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