South Carolina district scales down elementary school plans

April 11, 2009
Pickens County shrinks planned size of 2 schools to save about $4 million

From The Greenville News: Designs for two elementary schools in the Pickens County (S.C.) district have been scaled back in an effort to reduce the cost of the district's building program. The planned size of Dacusville Elementary was reduced almost 18,000 square feet to 94,962 square feet, and the size of a new elementary in the Liberty area was reduced by about 16,000 square feet to 90,508 square feet. Construction costs for the new school in the Liberty area, originally budgeted at $13.5 million, are now down to about $11.6 million. The Dacusville was projected to cost about $14.5 million but now is expected to cost about $12.3 million. The new schools still will have two-story wings and central rotundas. The architect is LS3P Associates.

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