Hillsborough County (Fla.) district to take a construction break

July 23, 2008
After 8 schools now being built are finished, district will take a construction hiatus

Officials in theHillsborough County (Fla.) district are taking a break from building new schools. The announcement does not affect the eight schools now in the works, which will open over the next two years. The construction hiatus is set to begin in 2010-11. That would be the first year since 1994 that Hillsborough didn't open a new school. Several years ago, Hillsborough couldn't build schools fast enough. The district raced to build 70 schools in a dozen years and became the nation's eighth largest school district. But in the last few years, enrollment has flat-lined, a phenomenon officials tie to rising costs and a declining economy. To read The St. Petersburg Times article, click here.

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