Anchorage voters reject 2 of 3 school bond proposals

April 11, 2011
Failed proposals would have provided funds for a high school renovation and maintenance projects

From The Anchorage Daily News: Two of three bond requests sought by the Anchorage (Alaska) school district have been defeated. Voters rejected a $37 million proposal that would have provided the local share of an extensive renovation of Service High School. Voters also said no to a $16.9 million proposal that would have paid for roof repairs and other maintenance projects. The proposal that won approval was a $17 million request to improve and expand career, technical and vocational educational program facilities on numerous campuses. EARLIER....Voters in Anchorage, Alaska, will decide on April 5 whether to approve a $71 million bond proposal. The money would provide $37 million to finish renovations and additions to Service High School; $17 million to begin design and planning for several school renovations; and $17 million for expansion of career, technical and vocational programs at high schools and middle schools.

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