Los Gatos (Calif.) district will keep elementary open, upgrade seismic safety

May 22, 2012
Board had wanted to close Lexington Elementary after safety issues arose

From California Watch: Los Gatos (Calif.) school trustees have rescinded a decision to close an elementary school over concerns about seismic safety and cost increases. Trustees for the Los Gatos Union School District have reversed themselves and ordered the district's engineering contractor to complete the work requested by the California Geological Survey to ensure the seismic safety of a new Lexington Elementary School. Trustees also voted to suspend the transfer of students from existing buildings at Lexington to portable buildings at Fisher Middle School. Last month, school trustees stopped construction at Lexington and approved a plan to close the campus after the state geologist's office found that the contractor didn't adequately account for seismic hazards.

Earlier...from The Bay Citizen: The Los Gatos (Calif.) Unified School District has decided to halt construction of a new elementary school because of state geologists' safety concerns. District officials will meet with the California Geological Survey this week to discuss whether plans for a new Lexington Elementary School can be salvaged. The school board voted to halt building plans after the state geologist's office said that an engineering report didn't adequately account for seismic hazards at the site. The board also approved a plan to vacate the existing buildings at Lexington and transfer students to portable buildings at Fisher Elementary School — a decision that sparked a flood of parent complaints.

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