Judge refuses to block demolition of Hillsboro, Ore., school

July 6, 2009
Citizens group wants to save J.B. Thomas Middle School

From The Portland Oregonian: A judge has denied a citizens group's to grant an injunction to delay the razing of J.B. Thomas Middle School in Hillsboro, Ore. The Hillsboro School District followed public meetings laws regarding the discussion of the 81-year-old building's demise, the judge decided. Those who want to save the school had argued that the school district did not provide information in advance of a public meeting when School Board voted to decommission the school.

JUNE 2009...From The Portland Oregonian: A judge has ordered the Hillsboro (Ore.) School District not to remove items bolted in place from J.B. Thomas Middle School for 10 days. The school district is preparing to demolish the 81-year-old school beginning July 1 to make way for playing fields. The 10-day restriction is intended to give a group of individuals time to file an injunction to stop the demolition. Bolted down items include the auditorium seating, the steam boilers and other structural items. A group of residents have opposed the pending demolition of the school and sought the intervention of the Hillsboro City Council, which asked the school district to consider the building for a community center. The district turned down the city's overture, saying it needed the land for the fields.

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