San Francisco district rescinds half of layoff notices to teachers and administrators

May 12, 2010
Deal with union reduces number of layoffs to 350
From The San Francisco Chronicle: The San Francisco school board has rescinded half of the 701 pink slips sent to teachers and administrators in March. The 5-1 vote to cut layoffs down to 350 positions followed an 11th-hour deal reached between the teachers union and district negotiators. To stay financially solvent, district officials asked several unions for contract concessions, including furloughs and suspension of teacher and administrator sabbaticals. With those concessions, Superintendent Carlos Garcia says layoffs will not exceed 200 positions.February 2010...from The San Francisco Chronicle: More than 900 San Francisco schoolteachers, administrators and other staff members - nearly twice that of last year - are in line to receive layoff notices in the next few weeks as district officials prepare to cover a worst-case budget scenario next year.January 2010...from The San Francisco Chronicle: San Francisco school superintendent Carlos Garcia has laid out a plan to bridge an expected $113 million budget shortfall over the next two years. The plan would eliminate up to 400 district positions, including 100 teachers resulting from an increase in K-3 class size, from 22 students to 25. It also would decimate summer school, teacher training and other programs; shrink paychecks across the board through unpaid furloughs; and cut busing, especially for high school students.

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