Vandals continue to plague closed school campuses in Detroit

Nov. 10, 2010
Security at vacant buildings has been increased, but thieves keep coming for copper and other materials

From The Detroit News: Detroit Public Schools is continuing its efforts to protect the more than 70 buildings in the district that have closed. The 59 schools shuttered since Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb took over last year are subject to tighter security and have been emptied of contents, making them less of a target to thieves and vandals. The district has spent about $800,000 for a contractor to board up 29 schools it closed last year, and electricity can be left on to power lighting, security cameras and central alarm systems. But not even the 14-gauge steel covers on doors and windows of the most recently closed schools can stop scrappers. The buildings have attracted scrappers who steal copper and other materials they can easily sell.

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