Colleges prepare for fewer applicants, demographics shift

March 10, 2008
Decline in high school graduates will affect higher education institutions

High school seniors nationwide are awaiting the verdicts from the colleges of their choice later this month. It may not be of much solace to them, but in just a few years the admissions frenzy is likely to ease. It’s simply a matter of demographics. Projections show that by next year or the year after, the annual number of high school graduates in the United States will peak at about 2.9 million after a 15-year climb.
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ALSO: Colleges and universities are taking steps to address a projected drop in the number of high school graduates in much of the nation starting next year and a significant change in the racial and ethnic makeup of the student population. After years of being overwhelmed with applicants, higher education institutions are looking over the next decade at a projected national decline of roughly 10 percent or more in non-Hispanic white students, and a double-digit rise in the proportion of minority students, especially Hispanics.
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