Voters dissolve tiny Iowa district

Nov. 21, 2007
New Market will close its school in June, and 158 students will be dispersed among 4 districts.

A southwestern Iowa school district will be dissolved after more than 85 years of operation. By at tally of 104 to 49, voters have decided to close the New Market school district. On June 30, 2008, the district officially will cease operation. The 158 students being displaced will attend the Bedford, Clarinda, Corning and Villisca school districts.
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Earlier: Voters in the New Market (Iowa) school district will decide Tuesday whether to dissolve or face a state-ordered shutdown. The small district, which covers portions of Taylor and Page counties, has experienced shrinking enrollment and may find it difficult to dodge a new law that allows the state to close districts that operate in the red for two or more years.
Click here to read The Des Moines Register article.

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