Funding in place, but many construction questions remain for California district

May 3, 2007
Folsom Cordova system has to figure out when and where to build in an undeveloped area that eventually may have 36,000 homes.

Folsom Cordova (Calif.) Unified School District leaders were elated and relieved when a small group of voters approved a record $750 million bond in March--enabling the district to plan for growth over the next quarter-century. But the mammoth bond didn't remove the uncertainty of where and how to build schools in an undeveloped area expected to add more than 36,000 homes and nearly 26,000 students. A slumping housing market, skyrocketing school construction costs and changes in land-use plans that could be years down the road pose challenges to even the best-laid plans.
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Earlier: The Folsom Cordova (Calif.) district has won approval of a $750 million bond proposal. The bond will help pay for construction over the next quarter century of as many as 30 new schools in what is now a largely undeveloped area. Out of 231 registered voters in the facilities improvement district, 74 voters cast ballots--60 in favor and 14 opposed. (Sacramento Bee)

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