School safety law repealed in Ohio

Oct. 14, 2009
"Jarod's Law," enacted in 2005, had called for annual inspection of every school

From The Cleveland Plain Dealer: Four years ago, Ohio legislators enacted Jarod's Law, which called for every public and private school to submit to an annual inspection and fix whatever was unsafe. Over the next 18 months, the Ohio Department of Health drew up an exhaustive set of rules covering everything from labeling and storing chemicals to which animal species are allowed in classrooms. After inspections started in 2008, schools scrambled to make fixes. Then this summer, as lawmakers hashed out a budget, Jarod's Law disappeared, repealed as of Friday. Many who had dealt with the law on a daily basis were shocked to find its repeal buried in a 3,120-page budget bill -- less than four years after it took effect.

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