Demographics in Dallas school system are changing

June 7, 2010
District has seen numbers of black students decline, while Hispanic enrollment climbs

From The Dallas Morning News (PART I): The number of black children attending the Dallas Independent School District reached its lowest point since 1965. The movement mirrors, on a smaller scale, massive white flight from the district in the 1970s. Black students formed a majority in Dallas schools through the 80s and 90s. Over the last 10 years, though, the number of black children has fallen by nearly 20,000, or about a third. Meanwhile, Hispanic children have filled their seats, and the district's overall enrollment remains fairly flat at about 157,000.

PART II from The Dallas Morning News: Some leaders of a civil rights group that once battled for equal education in Dallas schools now are urging black parents to send their kids elsewhere. Some say the rising attention to the needs of children learning English is overshadowing the needs of black students. The number of black students in DISD has fallen from 60,000 a decade ago to about 41,000 today. Meanwhile, suburban districts – such as Cedar Hill, Mansfield and DeSoto – and Dallas charter schools show growing numbers of black students.

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