Suit says University of Nebraska's handicapped-parking practices violated accessibility laws

Sept. 14, 2012
Man contends that football tailgaters and donor were given handicapped parking spots on game day

From The Lincoln Journal-Star: A man turned away from a handicapped parking spot at the University of Nebraska on a home football game day in 2010 has taken the university to court. A lawsuit filed by Richard Norton Jr. contends that the university violated federal accessibility law when it covered two handicapped meters in front of a campus museum so that football tailgaters or donors could park there. Norton, who has a neurological and orthopedic disability, says that when he tried to park in a handicapped parking spot, a university employee would not let him. He was told to park in an area at least two blocks away; after walking to the museum, Norton experienced extreme pain in his legs and feet and had to seek medical attention, the suit says.

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