Rural Oklahoma district will recoup money lost through county's clerical error

Oct. 24, 2011
State Supreme Court ruling means Mountain View-Gotebo district will get about $400,000

From The Daily Oklahoman: The Oklahoma Tax Commission must pay Kiowa County and a 250-student school district $733,000 in tax reimbursements denied because of a clerical error, the state Supreme Court has ruled. The Mountain View-Gotebo School District learned late last year that because the county hadn't filed proper paperwork with the Tax Commission, the district stood to lose a quarter of its annual budget. The district expects to get about $400,000 of the money.

AUGUST 2011...from The Daily Oklahoman: The Mountain View-Gotebo (Okla.) School District, which lost $400,000 in funding because of someone else's paperwork error, is suing the Oklahoma Tax Commission. The Tax Commission refused to reimburse Kiowa County for $733,000 in property tax exemptions given to a wind power plant in the county; officials say the county had missed a deadline set forth in state law and that there was little the Tax Commission could do to resolve the issue. The school district's lawsuit says that regardless of how the “clerical error” occurred, it “is indisputably not the fault of the district, the CareerTech or even the taxpayer.” The district has an enrollment of about 240 students. About $400,000 of that reimbursement was supposed to go to Mountain View-Gotebo.

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