New York City set to approve scaled-back school construction plans

March 22, 2011
City would build 26 new schools through 2014, instead of 56

From The New York Times: New York City education officials are set to approve a school construction budget that would significantly cut the number of schools to be built in the next three years, as the city faces what it says is a new cap on state construction aid. The School Construction Authority’s $9.3 billion budget, which covers work through 2014, will go before the Panel for Educational Policy, where it is expected to pass, and will then move to the City Council. Instead of the 56 new schools that the Council approved last year, the budget would support the construction of 26 schools across the city, reducing the number of places for new students to 14,000 from roughly 28,000. The cuts come as class sizes have swollen in much of the city, a situation serious enough that the city has received a state waiver from court-mandated class size reduction targets for all but 75 of its nearly 1,700 schools.


News release: The state of New York’s 48 percent cut to building aid on new capital projects has forced New York City to remove 16,000 new school seats from its school construction plan. The city’s Department of Education has proposed an amendment to the its 2010-2014 capital plan that calls for just 14,573 new school seats instead of 30,377 seats.

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