Grassroots group works to salvage supplies and equipment from damaged New Orleans school

March 9, 2007
Materials are on the high school's second floor, which was not flooded; state says materials may be contaminated by mold

Despite a warning from the state, activists have begun hauling computers, books and other school supplies out of Alfred Lawless High School in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans with the stated purpose of preserving those items and distributing them to needy schools. At the same time, contractors hired by the state-run Recovery School District--which oversees Lawless and 111 other campuses in New Orleans--began content and debris removal in another section of the school. Members of the Survivor Council, a grassroots community group, say they have begun taking items out of the school's unflooded second floor because of recent reports that the Recovery District has been throwing most of those things away, fearing mold contamination.

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