Dallas waives residency rule for 11 administrators

March 28, 2008
Board gives them until July 2009 to move into the district

By a 5-4 vote, Dallas school trustees have waived, for one year, the district's residency requirement for 11 top administrators. The waiver gives the employees until July 2009 to move into the district. In October, the board voted to require employees at or above the executive director level to live within the Dallas Independent School District. The policy allows the board to waive the policy upon the recommendation of Superintendent Michael Hinojosa. Click here to read The Dallas Morning News article.

From October 2007: The Dallas school board is sparring over a policy that requires executives to live inside the district. They're split on whether to eliminate the requirement, maintain it or strengthen it. Under current board policy, district executives have six months after they are appointed to move into the district. The superintendent can waive or extend the residency requirement beyond the six-month period for new employees in extenuating circumstances. (Dallas Morning News)

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