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annamunson Columbia Public Schools
Anna Munson

Former Missouri school administrator pleads guilty to stealing funds from band boosters

Anna Munson resigned as chief financial officer for Columbia (Mo.) district after being charged with stealing money from band boosters at high school in Chesterfield, Mo.

Anna Munson, a former chief financial officer for Columbia (Mo.) Public Schools, has pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property in connection with the theft of money from band boosters in another school district.

The Columbia Tribune reports that Munson entered a plea without an agreement in place with prosecutors.

The charge relates to Munson’s time as treasurer of the Marquette Band Boosters at Marquette High School in the Rockwood School District in Chesterfield.

She withdrew at least $17,500 via ATM transactions and wrote a $1,000 check to herself on the booster club account. The unauthorized withdrawals began soon after she assumed the position and continued until September 2016. The missing funds weren’t noticed until another treasurer took over the account.

Munson began working as chief financial officer for Columbia district in July 2017. She resigned from the Columbia job earlier this year after she being charged in the theft. 



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