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Ruskin High School, Kansas City

Father, daughter charged in brutal beating of student at Kansas City high school

The 18-year-old victim, a senior at Ruskin High School and the girl's ex-boyfriend, is hospitalized in critical condition.

Prosecutors have charged a father and his daughter with an attack on the girl’s ex-boyfriend at a Kansas City, Mo., high school that left the 18-year-old in critical condition.

The Kansas City Star reports that Josiah S. Wright, 40, faces a first-degree assault charge, and his daughter, Jonay Wright, 17, is charged with domestic assault. The attack occurred Tuesday inside Ruskin High School in Kansas City.

The victim, an 18-year-old senior, remained in critical condition with a possible brain bleed from the attack. When police arrived at the school, he was bleeding from the ear and had severe abrasions to his eye and swelling and bruises to his head.

The father and daughter allegedly kicked and punched the victim in the head and body at the school.

According to court documents, Wright told investigators that he came to the school and went into the student services area with his daughter to get a copy of her class schedule.

The father and daughter saw the girl’s ex-boyfriend seated inside the room. The two left, but the girl immediately received a what they perceived to be a threatening text message. They rushed back into the room and confronted the student.

Josiah Wright pulled the victim off his chair by his hair, yanked him to the floor and stomped him twice in the head, the court documents said. The father and daughter kicked and punched the victim. Wright allegedly held others back to so that Jonay Wright could continue hitting the victim, court documents say.

Off-duty officers and school security broke up the fight, and the victim was taken to a hospital.

Ruskin High is in the Hickman Mills school district. District officials say a security guard is posted at the high school entrance and a second officer walks through the school every day. Wright came into the school using the proper procedure.


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