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Columbia students protest sexual assault Courtesy of the New York Post.

Columbia University students file sexual assault complaint

Several students from Columbia University have filed a federal complaint against the university alleging the school mishandled their sexual assault cases. With this filing, the school joins the ranks of several other prestigious schools, including fellow Ivy League institution Dartmouth College, that are under federal investigation for similar infractions.

“The students allege that the university has failed to comply with federal laws to ensure equal access to education, respond adequately to reports of sexual assault, and provide accommodations based on disability status,” a press release said from the university said.

The 23 students also allege that they were discouraged from reporting their cases and from seeking follow-up treatment such as counseling.

The filing comes on the heels of the new mandates under the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act that require all colleges participating in Title IV federal aid programs to implement sweeping changes to their sexual assault policies.

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