A sign at Augusta High School39s football stadium states that people are not allowed to bring guns into the facility KAKE-TV

A sign at Augusta High School's football stadium states that people are not allowed to bring guns into the facility.

2 shot in audience at high school graduation in Kansas when concealed gun discharges

Man was adjusting gun hidden in his sock when he and a bystander were wounded.

Two people were shot Sunday afternoon at a high school graduation ceremony in Augusta, Kan., when a gun concealed in a man's sock accidentally discharged.

KAKE-TV reports that the incident occurred at the football stadium at Augusta High School. Augusta Police Chief Tyler Brewer said someone with a concealed carry permit had a gun in his sock; when he adjusted it, the gun discharged. The man was wounded, as was a second person when the bullet ricocheted off the ground.

The two injured people were treated at area hospitals, and the wounds are believed not to be life-threatening, authorities say. The graduation ceremony went on as scheduled after the shooting.

Augusta is about 20 miles east of Wichita.

At the stadium, signs that no guns are allowed are clearly on display.

The Butler County Attorney's Office is expected to review the evidence to see if charges will be filed.

Video from KAKE-TV:

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