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Facebook troubles

Some recent comments from Schoolhouse Beat: The Blog in response to a question about an Oak Forest High (Ill.) School sophomore who received a five-day suspension for positing critical comments on his Facebook page about a teacher:

  • “They have no right to suspend a student for something written personally on his/her personal account using his/her own computer. Nowhere in the constitution does it say we have the right not to be criticized or have our feelings hurt. Schools should be fighting for free speech — period.”

  • “I think first and foremost the parents need to take care of it. Secondly, the only reason the student knows the teacher is because of school, which makes it a professional relationship. If I were to say something negative about my boss on Facebook or any other public forum, there would and should be repercussions.”

  • ”I believe a suspension can be justified only if the district's discipline code addresses such issues.”

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