Using Education Technology

High school teachers believe modern classrooms should include wireless Internet, interactive whiteboards and digital content.

That is one of the findings in the 2011 CDW-G 21st-Century Classroom Report. The report surveyed 1,000 high school students, high school faculty and district information-
technology professionals. In the previous year’s survey, the must-have technology identified by teachers was limited to an Internet connection, teacher computing device and LCD projector.

Other findings: 86 percent of students say they use technology more outside school than in class; 94 percent of students say that technology skills will improve their educational and career opportunities; just 39 percent of students say their high school is meeting their technology expectations.

Asked to identify the biggest challenge to improving classroom technology, all three groups participating in the survey identified budget restrictions more than any other issue (students, 34 percent; faculty 37 percent; IT professionals, 43 percent).

Although 73 percent of faculty members say digital content is essential for the 21st-century classroom, most schools do not offer digital content.

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