Technology Plans

Technology Plans

Classroom technology planning, changing regulations, staying current with technology and many more ideas for education technology plans.

Systems Knowledge

Among education facility managers, computerized maintenance-management systems (CMMS) and computer-automated facilities management technology (CAFM) are a fact of life.

A Learning Curve

Technology is infiltrating almost every aspect of campus life. Yet few colleges are prepared for the time-within a decade-when the use of technology in...

It's in the Plan

Integrating technology is no longer a question of "Should we?" It has become "How, when, where, and how much?" As the information explosion continues...

Planning Schools for Tomorrow's Technology

Children live in a world that is increasingly interactive, communications intensive and knowledge based. These students are standard bearers in the technological...

Technology Demands

Careful planning and design are the keys to providing efficient career technology-education facilities.

Tech Talk: Getting What You Paid For

Schools are spending more on complex building systems, yet some are not getting the performance they expected.

Tech Talk: All Aboard

Technology has progressed to the point of disbelief in education. Almost anything you can imagine exists; therefore, standardization is key for any efficient education institution.

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