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Inside Technology: Teachers Want Better Technology

Ninety-one percent of teachers surveyed report having access to computers in their classrooms, but only 22 percent say they have the right level of technology, according to a survey of Pre-K to 12 teachers by PBS.

Sixty-three percent of teachers say budget limitations are the biggest barrier to accessing technology in the classroom. In low-income areas, 70 percent of teachers reported inadequate resources as the greatest obstacle.

Most teachers have access to computers, the survey says, but only 59 percent have access to an interactive whiteboard. Teachers in affluent districts are twice as likely to have access to tablet computers as teachers in middle- and lower-income districts. Regardless of where they work, most teachers believe new technology benefits students; 93 percent say interactive whiteboards enrich classroom education and 81 percent feel the same way about tablet computers.

According to the survey, the technological resources used most often in the classroom are websites (56 percent), online images (44 percent) and online games or activities (43 percent).

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