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A library integration | Caroldale Learning Community Library at LAUSD

A library integration | Caroldale Learning Community Library at LAUSD

The Caroldale Learning Community Library, which was commissioned by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), is situated in the heart of the existing Caroldale Learning Community School in Carson, Calif. The new $1.8 million, 3,000-square-foot community library provides a variety of learning environments and services suitable for kindergarten students, as well as teenagers.

The building does not disrupt the 5,500-square-foot site, but rather enhances and harmonizes with its surroundings, integrating into the existing context. The new library includes a reception, additional general reading and collection sections, separate work/study spaces for young students, as well as a computer section.

In designing the building, the architect considered the location, light, acoustics and overall visual aesthetics carefully in order to create a more appealing environment. The design generates maximum natural light and ventilation through operable clerestory windows situated on the north wall, skylights, and windows above and between each book stack. The sloped ceiling allows for an airy and acoustically improved space. The architect created more usable space within the library by installing all mechanical equipment in an enclosure on the roof, reducing noise and enhancing the visual appeal of the building.

The facility is made from a combination of materials — stucco, brick, glass and metal panel overhangs — all of which create a rich texture that complements the surrounding campus and provides a focal point for students to engage and be engaged.

Architects McDonald, Soutar & Paz, Inc. (Architects MSP, Long Beach, Calif.) was architect for the project.

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