Seeking Greater Stadium Accessibility

The Michigan Paralyzed Veterans Association has taken the University of Michigan to court over the extent of accessibility at the school's football stadium in Ann Arbor.

The suit contends that the university's $226 million plans for renovating the stadium do not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“The University of Michigan has been engaging in ongoing renovations and an essential rebuilding of the stadium since at least 1991,” the lawsuit asserts. “This rebuilding of the stadium was intentionally staggered so as to mask the nature of the extensive renovation and attempt to avoid responsibility to comply with the ADA.”

The veterans argue that the major alterations to the 106,000-seat stadium trigger additional obligations to add accessible seating and increase the accessibility of other parts of the stadium.

The university's website for the stadium renovation says that the upgrades “will significantly increase the number and location of accessible seating. … The total number of accessible seats will increase and the choice for location of accessible seating will now include both end zones and sideline seating.”

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