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Purposeful Selection

Commentary from this year's Architectural Portfolio competition.

Four industry professionals traveled from their home states of Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland and Pennsylvania, and met for two days to determine this year's Architectural Portfolio citation winners and outstanding designs.

What makes an award-winning facility design? The jury kept in mind the following elements: sustainability, maintainability, agility in planning, attaining "the vision," and community use and integration.

Overall, citation winners were determined based on the following:

  • Function: The building should function at opening, as well as years later.
  • Frugality: This includes life-cycle cost, operations and future expenditures.
  • Features: The design should bring the building to life, create excitement and interest, and include art.
  • Inspire learning: It starts with the students.
  • Flexibility: Recognize that teaching styles will change.
  • Balance: The design should incorporate balance.
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