GALLERY: Building Schools Deep in the Heart of Texas

May 15, 2015
In San Antonio, the Northside Independent School District has opened more than 30 new schools in the last decade, and more are on the way.

Every year going back to the 1990s, The Northside (Texas) Independent School District in San Antonio has seen its enrollment climb by at least 1,000 additional students--in some years, the number has surpassed 3,700.

Since 2005, student numbers have risen from about 78,000 to 103,000, and the district has been building schools at a hectic pace to provide enough classrooms. From 2005 to 2014, Northside has opened 22 elementary schools, six middle schools and three high schools.

The construction shows no sign of slowing. The district won approval of a $648 million bond request in November 2014 (on the heels of a $692 million program approved in 2007 and a $535 million package approved in 2010), and the bonds will provide the money needed to keep pace with growth. Northside expects enrollment to climb to 115,000 by 2021.

View images of some of the Northside construction projects now under way.

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