Construction Zone: Positive Partnership (with related video)

Thanks to a public-private partnership, Northeast Ohioans now can pursue advanced degrees close to home. With growing enrollment and limited classroom space, Lakeland Community College teamed with a private developer to create the new Holden University Center.

The college avoided capital costs by leasing the building from Premier Development Partners LLC. Premier and Lakeland teamed with the architect to design the new 40,000-square-foot facility.

Situated across the street from the main campus, the building includes distance-learning technology, touch whiteboards and interactive projectors. Classrooms are flexible to support breakout groups and peer learning.

The Holden Center fulfills a 2010 levy campaign promise to make bachelor's and graduate degrees more accessible to area residents. Lakeland now is host to nine partner schools, and students can complete degrees from the partner institutions at the new Holden Center.

The Holden Center also provides more capacity for Lakeland's traditional students. During the daytime, off-peak hours for most of the bachelor's programs, Lakeland's core classes will fill the new classrooms.

Architect for the project is The Collaborative Inc. (Toledo)

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About the Holden University Center project:

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