Construction Zone: Adaptable Learning (with related video)

Princeton City Schools recently broke ground on a $120 million joint middle school/high school on the main entry lawn of the existing Princeton Middle School, Sharonville, Ohio.

The community passed a bond levy in January 2010 to replace the two existing schools fraught with infrastructure problems and non-compliance on many federal standards.

The new 545,000-square-foot building unites middle school and high school students in a single facility, separated by centrally shared spaces, which include a natatorium, arena-style gym, performance theater and music complex. Each school supports Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) education and project-based learning.

The school will feature learning studios, outdoor learning areas such as learning gardens, spaces with transparent interior walls for passive supervision, shared recreation and library spaces, places for individual study and reflection, and spaces for learning from peers and experts.

The phased construction project is scheduled for completion in 2015. The middle school wing is scheduled to open in fall 2013. The high school wing will open in fall 2014 with the common space completing construction in January 2015. Athletic fields are scheduled for completion in summer 2015.

Architect for the project is CR architecture + design (Cincinnati).

Related Video

About the Princeton project:

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