Community Recovery for Langston Hughes Academy (with Related Video)

Langston Hughes Academy is the flagship school for the Recovery School District’s "NOLA 180°" charter management organization, formerly the "Quick Start" program, which was created to rebuild New Orleans public schools after Hurricane Katrina.

The original Langston Hughes campus was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, and the site was cleared to prepare for the new facilities.

The academy engages the community by enabling public access to the cafeteria, music, choir, media center, computer classroom, gym and courtyards for community use.

Designed to accommodate 450 K-8 students, the school focuses on character development and student achievement. This is re-
inforced through the built environment: student collaboration spaces, transparency from space-to-space that helps support "anytime, anyplace learning," maximum daylighting and improved acoustics.

The LEED silver-certified school was designed by PBK (Houston) in partnership with local architect Lachin, Oubre and Associates.

Related Video

About the opening of the Langston Hughes Academy and FEMA's role:

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