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Rhode Island panel approves $255 million in school construction projects

May 25, 2023
State funding will help pay for building 4 elementary schools and other facility upgrades.

The Rhode Island Council on Elementary and Secondary Education has approved nearly $255 million in school construction projects across the state.

A news release from Rhode Island Gov. Dan McKee says the funding has been earmarked for 17 projects in four districts, including construction of three elementary schools in North Providence and one elementary school in Woonsocket.

“These upgrades are long-awaited, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact the projects have not only on our students and educators but also our Rhode Island communities," says Patti DiCenso, chair of the Council on Elementary and Secondary Education.

The projects:

  • North Providence: Construction of three elementary schools, an addition at the high school, and health and safety repairs in middle schools. The state will contribute $74.7 million to the $124.8 million project.
  • Woonsocket:  Build an elementary school that would house students from Coleman, Bernon Heights, and Globe Park elementary schools; repairs at existing elementary and middle schools; security upgrades. The state will contribute $86.5 milllion to the $100.2 million project.
  • Greene School: Demolition and replacement of one classroom building; repairs to two classroom buildings. The state will contribute $5.6 million to the $18.5 million project. 
  • West Warwick: Roof replacement and new media center at high school; New media center, HVAC upgrades, carpet, and other improvements at two elementary schools.  The state will contribute $7.2 million to the $10.9 million project.

The council's vote follows prior approvals of $880 million for 39 projects across 13 school systems. 

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