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Royal Valley (Kan.) district is building a high school addition

Jan. 20, 2023
The district has demolished an auxiliary building at Royal Valley High in Hoyt to make way for the addition.

The Royal Valley (Kan.) district has torn down an auxiliary building on its high school campus to make for a new two-story addition.

The Holton Recorder reports that the addition to Royal Valley High School in Hoyt, Kan., will provide classrooms for band, art and agricultural students, as well as a recording studio and computer lab for audio-visual classes. 

The lower level of the addition will include a new ag room with more space for hands-on projects, as well as a computer lab for audio-visual classes and a recording studio. Bathrooms and additional storage are also included in the floor plans. 

The district's goal is for construction to be finished by the first week of December.

Prior to the holiday break, the three classes affected by the renovation were moved into the main high school building.

Royal Valley also plans to renovate the front office and library at the middle school. Construction onthat project is set to begin this summer.

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