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Pennsylvania School Security

A legislative panel on school security in Pennsylvania is urging schools to boost protection of their facilities with cameras, secured entries, electronic notification systems and other strategies.

A 55-page report from the Pennsylvania House Select Committee for School Safety offers numerous recommendations that schools, law enforcement and state agencies can carry out to make campuses safer.

“School entities should consider utilizing principles and programs combining technology, architecture, human activities, and security polices to create school facilities that are protective environments,” the report says.

The committee says schools should consider installing cameras and surveillance systems; establishing secured entrance systems; requiring identification badges for school employees and students;  installing panic buttons in school front offices or on wireless pendants for teachers and administrators; and using electronic notification systems to inform parents of emergencies. 

The report also urges lawmakers to consider requiring all schools in the state to conduct monthly lockdown and active shooter drills and to coordinate with local law enforcement to develop lockdown security procedures. 

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